A Hurricane of Personal Technologies in the Near Future

Personal technologies are very interesting and if you read the personal Tech Newsletters and magazines they are quite popular with the techie crowd and more and more the mainstream reader. There always seems to be something new and something to write about in personal Tech.

This is great for the personal tech enthusiast who loves high-tech toys and it is great for retailers who sell them. In a future you can expect a hurricane and a flurry of personal technologies and this is because the competition to create new innovative toys and inventions, which help people do what they do better it is becoming a major industry.

There are many great places on the Internet to go to learn about Personal Tech and the latest and greatest toys and gadgets available. Often it is hard to keep up with the hurricane of new personal technologies that come out each week. Many other nations besides the United States of America have also jumped on the bandwagon and are now producing very innovative and creative new technologies.

Soon we will see the robotic android artificial intelligent robots that we were promised by science-fiction writers of the past. The future is here and the future is now and as long as it is hurricane season we may as well talk about the hurricane of excitement in personal technologies. Consider this in 2006.

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